Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Use Paper Plates To Make Whimsical Decorations For Your Next Party!

Paper Plate Decorations
I had some cute yellow and blue paper plates hanging out in my cabinet, and it got me thinking, what could I do with these? And guess what? Paper plates when cut, layered and decorated with metallic paint dots make unique decorations that could be used in so many imaginative ways. And what occasion wouldn't benefit from an extra crafty touch!
Wouldn't  frosted cupcakes or even chocolate dipped strawberries look great served on these? And they're quick to whip up, so you could even make individual place settings for a whimsical birthday party! If you'll be eating off of your creations I would avoid the paint, but maybe you could make dots from sugar icing, or even pipe a simple design such as a large cursive letter, a heart, a flower. Wow, that would be such an amazing presentation done in colors to coordinate with the table........(Just don't ask me how to pipe sugar icing on to the plates, I've never done it, but it sure sounds great!)
Oh, and one more idea, these could make great signs marking the way to a picnic party in the park or even hung singly from a colored ribbon (punch two holes in the top) as a welcome or mazel tov greeting! And wouldn't they be cute for a baby shower?

You'll Need:
  • Colored paper plates in at least two sizes and colors (my plates are white on the back)
  • Metallic fabric paint in an applicator bottle (glitter glue would work well for kids)
  • Glue or double stick tape
How To:
  1. Get out some good scissors.
  2. Examine the above photo and you'll see that all the designs are quite simply created by cutting notches in the rims of the plates and making colored circles by cutting out the center of a plate. 
  3. If you're planning on making a whole bunch, do one good one (measure roughly so notches will be even in size) and use that as a template.
  4. Glue or double stick tape the layers of your paper plate creation together.
  5. Decorate with metallic or colored fabric paint dots.
  6. Sit back and watch all the guests smile when they realize what you've created from the humble paper plate!

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