Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recycling plastic and glass: herringbone of disposable teaspoons

To create a Christmas tree I needed: a disposable wine glass, 2 stands for him, 125 disposable teaspoons, candle, Melt Glue, green spray paint.
1.Za take a one-time basis for a wine glass. 

2.Skleivaem two stands of disposable stemware with glue gun. 
3.Poluchennuyu design, adhere to the widest part of the wine glass, it turns out the basis for our Christmas tree. 
4.Lozhki cut to a certain length (the length of all the trays should be the same). Then, the upper part of the handle of spoon bends upward, warming it over a candle, and then, starting from below, from the widest part of the wine glass series glue gun to glue. 
5.Pered painting do not forget to remove the remains of the dried adhesive masking tape. Then paint spray paint. I dyed my Christmas tree with only the lower part. Herringbone ready.

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