Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recycling paper: Angel of newspaper tubes

Before proceeding to the weaving, we need to crap newspaper tubes.
For this we need newspapers, scissors, PVA glue, and a wooden skewer.

Newspaper launch

Fold in half, long sides together and cut along the fold line.

Now fold in half again and again cut it turned out strips of 10 cm in width.

Now take a skewer, apply it to the edge of the newspaper at an acute angle

Begin spinning newspaper on a skewer

Periodically take out the skewer so that it does not uschla into the newspaper

Area newspaper smears of glue and paste to the formed tube, take out the skewer

Thus do the rest of the tube. The ends of the tubes should be different in width: one end is the other - is wider, because then when connecting pipes shall insert the narrow end of the tube in wide.

Begin to weave from her head.
Put three rolls at the intersection with each other, as shown in the photo. The crossing of tubules, and will crown the head of our angel.

Now bends tubes sequentially in a specific order, applying a skew mesh as shown in the photo.Gradually increasing the diameter of the circle.

Further, in the same way the following series of whips, bending rolls around in the same manner

When the plaited a sufficient number of rows for the head, begin to reduce the diameter of a circle, passing to the neck

But then again, gradually increasing circle weaving vypletaya trunk

Remove the ends of the mouth, helping to skewer.

Head and body ready

Proceed to the weaving hands. To this end, the side near the shoulder slips 3 tubes

Beginning weaving hand weaving is also oblique, gradually narrowing down.

At the end of the netting tube cut and glue. I used to do Melt Glue.

Proceed to the weaving wings, I suggest a step by step photos:

Now spray paint the blank alkyd enamel silver. That's what I came after staining.

Glue wings to the back

Front view: hands glued together

Twirled thinly sliced ​​white paper, do your hair. Rear view. The place of the wings closed flower in Technology kvilling.

Angel is ready

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