Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yellow roses to make

For the production of roses it took me: fabric (you can silk, crepe, satin, brocade, satin, etc.), sturdy rigid wire, a thin copper wire, cardboard (for patterns), soldering iron with sharp tip), glass, glue Melt, scissors, candle.
Make cardboard patterns are: rose petals (all the petals will be the same size), leaves (two sizes), and leaves of the lower rim.

For work, we need a soldering iron with sharp tip and glass.

Rose petals can be made from crepe satena, organza, silk, satin, brocade. In this case, I took the brocade. On the patterns are well heated soldering iron cut out rose petals.

Thus cutting out the rest of the petals. The more petals, the bigger the rose. My rose, I decided to make out of 9 lobes.

For the leaves I took crepe satin and organza green, too green. Imposed on organza satin crepe.

Now cut out the patterns on the leaves: one large and 2 smaller ones and 5 leaves for the lower rim.

Blanks for roses ready.

Now, over a candle hot air attach petals wavy shape. It is worth remembering that in no event logging lobe should not touch the fire. Leaves and podlistniki over the fire handle is not necessary.

Now proceed to the assembly rose. See photo.

Thus attach one petal, fixing the bottom with a needle and thread.

Then take a hard sturdy wire to length, separates them until about the middle. At one end of the wire will stick a rose flower. At the other end doing the branching of fine copper wire for leaves and all the thread wraps

Now glue a rose Melt Adhesive. At the other end of the wire-point the sticks: the center is larger on the sides of smaller size.

Now glue the leaves of mouth (too Melt Adhesive)

Rose is ready.

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