Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Folded Paper Flowers For A Simply Festive Centerpiece!

Flowers Folded Paper 3 layers
You may have a hard time believing that I actually used these pink and gold flowers for Bar Mitzvah centerpieces last week, but I did! As I always say, who says pink is just for girls? And since the only other alternative to the pink paper was a tacky dark green, well, I think you'll understand why I went with the pink! And I should mention that I actually thought the paper was something closer to purple when I bought it!
That said, the centerpieces were a hit and added a shot of joyful color to an elegant yet simple affair. And the best part is, now I have half of what I need to decorate tables for a women's Purim party next week, as well as something to share with you!
Here are a few quick photos I took at the actual event, but was too embarrassed to spend time styling them, so they're not the greatest photos, but you can see how I lucked out with the centerpieces somehow matching the tablecloths and natural wood chairs really well! And in case you're wondering, the pots are plastic from the dollar store, and spray painted silver. (I'll show those to you another time)
Folded Paper Flowers-Bar Mitzvah

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you may remember these flowers when I first wrote about them at Succos time. Those original flowers however were all one color, whereas in this version I've not only used two colors but also added a small piece of fabric or paper for the center. That center piece was pre-cut, before being accordion folded together with the two layers of paper. I used the same idea in the photo below showing how I made some additional filler flowers from disposable tablecloth material and some scraps of gold paper.

Folded Paper Flower How to
On a side note, one of the really great things about this endeavor is that I finally found a use for those Taster's Choice jars collecting dust in my cabinet! How? Well I placed some foam in each jar, stuck the flowers into the jar, wrapped the jar with fabric and placed it in the pot. Much more successful than trying to arrange the flowers directly in the rather large pot, and now my cabinet has a bit of breathing room!
Also, the metallic crepe paper may not be available in the United States, so substitute two-sided thick craft crepe paper instead. You can even use inexpensive crepe paper, just try using a double thickness. Enjoy!

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