Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Set A Simply Elegant Table With Paper Roses!

Paper Cabbage Rose Large on Table
You won't be surprised to hear that I'm very often in charge of centerpieces at our women's Rosh Chodesh gatherings. Fortunately the event hall is right next to my house, so after all the hours of effort, at least I don't have to shlep my creations very far. And you won't be surprised to hear that I do centerpieces for pennies, (whoops the currency here would be agarot, silly me) or at least I try!
My latest idea was to make giant paper roses using the same spiral technique I used to make tiny felt flowers. The only difference is that you start with a circle about 24" in diameter and make a much larger spiral.  And you'll need a lot more hot glue! A really simple idea with amazing results! And you can make these roses in a bunch of sizes and use them in so many ways. The main thing is finding the right paper. I used some old pattern-making paper that had yellowed from sitting around too long, perfect! In fact the shopkeeper gave it to me for free just to get rid of it. Then the only problem was I really didn't have as much as I would have wanted, and now I can't figure out where to get more! I even thought of tea-staining regular paper, but that didn't work....In any case you'll need something a bit thicker than tracing paper and on the creme/beige side, good luck!
Paper Cabbage Rose In footed Vase
Large single flowers look great in pedestal vases or simply set on the table. Wouldn't these be great for a DIY wedding or sheva brachas? (In many Jewish circles the newly married couple celebrates with friends and family for a week, with a festive meal each day, which is called sheva brachas, seven blessings. A truly beautiful tradition that also unites the families and friends of the new couple.) Paper Cabbage Rose Individual Plate

Place a bunch of flowers on a cake stand, or single delicate blooms on each plate.
Paper Cabbage Rose with Wine Glass Pedestal
Or turn wine glasses upside down and use them as pedestals.  (Attach flowers with a small piece of double sided tape.) As you can see at the top of this photo, in some cases I hot-glued creme cupcake liners to the completed flower to provide some strength at the base. The large flowers definitely need an additional base piece— I was in a hurry so I slapped on a few cupcake liners, but you'll probably want to cut a nice circle from creme cardboard, since you have the luxury of planning ahead!
Note: the larger the flower the more glue you'll need to use as you are creating the spiral. The large pieces need anchoring either to a base or to the previous round. Start with a tight coil, but try to wrap loosely on the outside for the most beautiful results.
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