Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make A Gorgeous Rose Bud Bouquet From Felt!

Felt Roses Centerpiece With Felt Tablecloth
Hi friends, roll out the red carpet, the Chanukah felt projects are coming! I'm so happy to finally be able to share this festive and oh so easy project with you! Ever made something and you just can't believe you made it? (Because it's so nice, silly!)  That's what happened with this felt bouquet, I just couldn't believe what actually materialized on my kitchen counter from some felt and a glue gun! So run out now and get yourself lots of felt, in all the colors that you love! This is just the first post, with another five or so more Chanukah felt projects to come, so sit back and enjoy. And don't worry, there's still plenty of time to make this Chanukah special. And in case you are wondering what rosebud bouquets have to do with Chanukah, well your guess is as good as mine!
You'll Need:
  • Felt in three coordinating colors
  • A styro-foam ball that sits exactly in the opening of your vase or pot
  • Pearl beads
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • An 8"wide bowl and a 6"wide bowl
  • to use as a tracing guide
  1. Using mouth of bowl as your guide, and a felt pen, trace around rim of 8" bowl onto felt. Trace roughly an even number of each color, or whatever proportion works for you.  I used a total of 30 flowers, but cut and glued as I went. 
  2. Cut out circles, and cut circles into spiral shapes according to the diagram below.
  3. Starting with the tail, and with the cut line as the base, roll spiral onto itself to create the bud. Secure with dabs of hot glue as you roll, and at the end, the round center becomes a base for the rosebud, which you secure with glue.
  4. With ball sitting in your vase, glue flowers to foam ball, starting at the top. Place flowers such that there are no gaps. Use 6" bowl and trace smaller circles to make smaller flowers to fill in gaps at rim of vase.
  5. Using a tweezers, apply pearl centers by applying a dot of hot glue to each bead and inserting into middle of flower. For large flowers, you may want to use three beads in the center. Felt Rosebud Diagram
This project is so simple with such great results, and could be done in so many amazing color combinations.  And you can make a centerpiece size, like I have here, or choose to make tiny bouquets in tea cups to place at each place setting or scatter along the table. And even after the holidays are long gone, you can still enjoy this cheerful bouquet to brighten even the darkest winter day. So what are you waiting for?
And in case  you are wondering about the table covering, yes I made that too. Felt dreidel shapes decorated with silver ribbon and machine appliqued to the background. A simple idea that really compliments the vase. though in reality I won't be using it on my table as I did a really terrible job!  (My sewing confidence is currently greater than my abilities!) Okay, you probably don't believe me because it looks pretty good in the photo, but in actuality the dreidels are crooked and the whole thing doesn't lie flat....I've substituted it with a simple runner of yellow felt that happened to be on hand, and it looks oh so very festive!
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