Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paper Party Decorations : Adorable Bunting Banners Kids Can Make!

Succah Kid's Party Garland Silo 
Kid craft project

Isn't this just too sweet? My five year old made it all by himself! And the uneven shapes and random placement make it all the more charming don't you think? A bunting banner like this one looks particularly endearing when on the small side, plus smaller shapes will be easier for little hands to manage, and certainly require less glue.
You'll Need:
  • thread or string (we used fishing line, but it was hard to manage for my little one)
  • colored paper
  • a glue stick, and scissors
  • a small flower punch (optional, but very cute!)
How To:
  1. You really can't get much simpler than this! Fold paper and cut complete shapes on the fold, such that the result is two identical shapes joined by the fold.
  2. Open the twin shape such that it's lying flat and apply glue to one of the insides
  3. Refold  shape over the string and burnish with fingers so that the two sides are well adhered.
  4. Continue as above with a variety of shapes and colors, and punch flower shaped holes (but just a few!) here and there.
  5. Hang and enjoy, I just know this one will make you smile!

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