Sunday, December 26, 2010

How To Make a Japanese Money Envelope

This Japanese money envelope is also known as kinpu. Often money is given for special occasions and presented in one of these beautiful folded envelopes. These envelopes come in many styles, some more elaborate than others. For this tutorial, I thought I would share a very basic style with you.

Mizuhiki cord - can be substituted for ribbon
12" x 12" green washi paper - scrap-booking paper works just as well
1" x 9" strip of decorative washi paper
7 1/4" x 4" pink paper
Glue Sticks
Acrylic varnish
Wax paper
Plain white money envelope or money wrapped in tissue

Making the Envelope

Place money in center of the decorative envelope. Fold in where you have scored the paper starting with the bottom flap first. Fold facing left flap in. Fold facing right flap in.

Your envelope should now look something like this.

Making the Mizuhiki Knot

Take three strips of mizuhiki cord and tape down on wax paper. Brush one side with acrylic varnish. Let dry. In the mean time you will make your mizuhiki knot. For directions, click here.

Wrap decorative washi paper around the envelope and glue in back. Do not glue the washi paper to the envelope. You want it to be able to slide off. Wrap mizuhiki cord around decorative washi paper and tape together to hold in place. Hot glue mizuhiki knot in front. Done.

Here are a couple elaborate mizuhiki knots from some money envelopes. If you feel like a challenge, you can try and recreate these.

Sorry this post is a little late. Friday night I had to go to the ER due to a tension headache. I'm fine now but I was out of commission for the weekend. I'm just now getting back into my regular schedule.

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