Monday, December 27, 2010

Rose petal chandy

Yippee!!  I got on So You Think You're Crafty!!  Color me excited!  Thanks so much those that voted!  I will be talking to y'all in a few weeks about voting again.  So who guessed that the rose petal chandy was my submission? 
Wanna know how to make it? 
Your gonna need 3 rings.  I used 3 different sized embroidery rings.  Just the inside portion.  Plus some fishing line and lots of rose petals.  You can get your rose petals at the dollar mart...yep $1 for 50!  I found this bigger container at another store on sale...
Oh and your sewing machine.  Yep I sewed each and every one of those petals.

I sewed them in strands of 9 petals each.  Leave a little space between each petal.
Makes it more "flowy" when you get done.  Your sewing does not have to be perfect.  I tried getting them all in the same direction, etc.  But they are not all the same.  No one is going to climb up and look at this once you have it hanging from the ceiling.
Sew lots and lots of strands together.  I used around 400 petals total.  Yep 400.  Sew your little heart out.
I took the rings and painted em white.  Then tied them up with fishing line like this...
Fishing line at the top too to hang it up when you are done.  Then glue on your petal strands.  I started at the bottom.  I folded the top petal over and glued it to the second petal.  I actually glued each one twice.  Yes I used hot glue and regular glue on each one.  May not be necessary but I have extra insurance.   :)
The secret to holding this while you are glueing on your strands of petals?

Keep glueing them on til it is all filled up and looks just how you want it!  I would glue some on, then go sew some more, then glue more on, sew some, etc.  That way I did not end up with any extra strands at the end.  No sense in doing any extra sewing! 
Hang from a hook on your ceiling.  I used the fishing line tied in a knot at the top and just slipped it over the hook a few times.  I am so pleased with how it turned out!!  I think this could be for any girl's room.  Baby to teenager!
Y'all let me know if you make one and send pics!  I would love to see em!

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