Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pom pom maker

This is a tutorial for making pom-poms using your
fingers. This one is a small, two-finger pom-pom
(about 1" in diameter) but you can make bigger ones
by using more fingers. As far as yarn choice, thinner
and softer yarn will make a more pleasing pom-pom.

Okay, let's get started! With your index and middle
fingers together and holding the end of your yarn down
with your thumb, begin wrapping the yarn around your
fingers. Be careful not to wrap too tightly
- no purple fingers!

Cut your yarn when you've finished wrapping;
for this pom-pom I've wrapped the yarn 75 times.

*Tip: For any size pom-pom, you'll probably wrap the
yarn twice as much as you think you will need.

Cut another piece of yarn, about 12", and squeeze one end
through your fingers between the pom-pom and your palm.
Bring the other end of the yarn string through
your fingers at the tips.

This is a picture of the backside, make sure your yarn
string wraps all the way around your pom-pom bundle.

Begin a knot, pulling as tight as you can, then slip
the pom-pom off of your fingers.

Still pulling tightly, finish off the knot.

Holding the pom-pom yarn strings, use your scissors
and cut through all the loops of the pom-pom.

This is what it looks like after you've cut all
the loops, a woolly bully mess!

Now comes my favorite part :) Still holding the yarn
strings, start cutting down your pom-pom.

*Tip: you'll probably end up cutting twice as much
off as you thought you would.

Trim with the scissor blades flat along the pom-pom
to help get a smooth finish. Check it from different
angles and fluff it up with your fingers, then trim some
more. Be sure to trim around the bottom end where
you are holding it. The pom-pom should feel
firm when you're done.

Voila! A pretty little pom-pom!

I keep the yarn strings on until I'm ready to use it,
then I trim them off the same length as the rest of the pom-pom.

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