Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Crafts: Coffee Filter Snowflakes With A Message!

Coffee Filter Stamped Snowflakes
Coffee filters are great for crafting, and they also make perfect material for snowflakes, since they're already round! And while you're at it, grab some rubber alphabet stamps and some colorful ink pads and give your kids a spelling lesson while having fun too. I think the message on our snow flakes is mostly wishful thinking, since we are desperate for rain, but you never know! (Update: It is now pouring, yeah!)

Coffee Filter Snow Flakes With Letters
And the white snowflakes with touches of stamped color look so great on our peacock blue stairwell walls, I think we'll just have to make more. Lots more. Well, until we use up the coffee filters I brought home from my last visit to Mom. Okay, I know they sell them somewhere around here, but not in my local grocery store.
And a great big thanks to my reader Jennifer from Chicago who so sweetly asked if she could bring me anything from the US, though we've never met! (We have now, and it was so nice to connect in person!)  I took her up on the offer for some colored stamp pads, used here, and a little surprise which I'm going to offer as a giveaway to my Israeli readers....stay tuned for the announcement soon!

Winter Crafts: More Coffee Filter Snowflakes—In Full Color!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes Painted
Are our beautiful coffee filter snowflakes a forecast of things to come? That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, they sure look beautiful anytime of day! With the sun shining through them, and giving some color to a dark window at night. For a simpler, more graphic version using rubber stamped letters for a touch of color
Coffee filters are round, and the paper is perfect for absorbing delicate paint like water color. We (well, really mommy, as you can probably guess) cut ours first and then painted them, and after leaving them to dry I attached them to the window with just a dab of Elmers blue glue gel, which I'm sure will wash off easily.
It's a good thing I took this photo on Friday, because right now it looks nothing like this outside, thankfully. We are finally getting some serious rain, and the steps around our hillside home are like flowing rivers. May it just continue! The water level of the Kinneret (The Sea of the Galilee) is at a dangerously low level—very scary when this is Israel's main water supply source! And for those of you who never worry about drought or running the faucet too long, or not watering your plants in the summer, add this to your list of things for which to be grateful!

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