Sunday, April 3, 2011

The record Candy "flower" tutorial

The record Candy "flower".

For the work you need: scissors, double-sided adhesive tape, paper corrugation, candy, a stick for a barbecue (a small wooden shampurchik), green felt (green crepe paper, green ribbon or other), as well as a little more accuracy and imagination.
"Truffle" on the handle.
When the winding stem pinch between thumb and middle finger of his left hand. In this case, thumb to press the tip teip feeds to Cherenok at the base of candy. The left hand remains stationary, while the right stalk rotates along its axis in a clockwise direction, twirling it teip feed.Left thumb controls the tension of tape and ensures snug fit to the cuttings. Each round teip feeds should overlap the previous half.
1) Get a sweet and stalk.
2) Attach a stalk to the tail of candy.
3) Screw the wrapper around the shank.
4) Firmly wrap the stalk teip-tape from candy to the middle.
5) Picture of the finished flower.
6) Photos of the finished flower.

1) Take the stick for a barbecue (sharpened on one side of a wooden shampurchik) and very carefully put together and stick candy with bilateral adhesive tape.You can stick a skewer until the middle of candy - it would be better to stay and get stronger than a flower.
2) Then, using the same tape, prikleplyaem petals, pre-cut from a sheet of yellow corrugated paper.
3) Attach the green petals and swathes of green stick felt (green paper, green cloth tape - on the basis of available material and fantasy).
4) We had a lovely flower bouquet for making candy. 

This "flower" may be a separate gift!

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