Friday, April 1, 2011

Making bows tutorial

How do I make bows. MK

That such beauty can be created by yourself!
 (700x608, 188Kb)

I take the tape, divide it in half and mark the middle of a pencil. Carefully enclose the ends of the tape to the marked middle, it turns out "eight".
Then, conditionally to notice the middle of each loop and, as it were pulls her to the middle (red arrow painted). I do not know how to explain the pictures could be clearer.

 (699x345, 91Kb)

All this construction in the middle of connecting a pin, stitch coarse thread (it is not torn, as should be strongly contracted, the conventional thread may break). Waist, do turn around, fixed. The result was a bow!

 (700x662, 176Kb)

So I make all my bows. Of course there are other ways, but I like this more often)))
From these bows and ribbons add up to the track just to your liking. The whole thing put together a thread or glue (I have a glue gun)

 (699x572, 174Kb)

For the midway can be a piece of ribbon to tie a knot, it will be very nice)))

 (677x699, 201Kb)

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