Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crochet Cushion

What do you think ?  I'm rather chuffed with this little project , the colours were so uplifting and fun to work on a miserable grey week............

It's made by making four squares , which I sewed together..

Then I added enough rows to fit my cushion...simples :0)

It's one of my "cheat" cushions .....just a front square attached to a ready made cushion . The green edging is part of the original cushion .

and here's the back......

Have you noticed it's made from a different stitch to a standard granny cluster?
I've just studied Sarah's image and done something similar...not sure what Sarah calls it ...I've gone with granny spike.

It's really easy to do and if you can do a granny cluster, you know, three U.S. double crochet ( U.K.trebles) you can do this :0)

I'm a little short on time tonight so I will do a tutorial, for those who would like one, next time .

I'm liking the slightly different  effect of this stitch and it's very practical for a cushion cover as it makes a less holey finish which hides the pad ( or in my case ,green cushion !) well.
Here it is with all it's co-ordinating friends, looking sweet on my sofa ....

Crochet cushions

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